Texas Best Chambers provides a custom design for your Chamber with all the tools you need to build and manage a content-rich, fully interactive chamber website.

Calendar & News

Calendar & Event Management

Chamber staff is able to create and promote an event online more simply than ever. We provide your chamber with everything you need to announce and promote an event in one convenient location. All your events will be easily accessible from a search directory listing and/or query on the site as well as easily found online and indexed with search engines. Events can include pictures and links you format the way you like with a very user friendly admin tool.

The event calendar can also have a small “inset” on the site where visitors click on the date and go to a page for more information on the chosen event. All event pages are specially coded for optimal search engine ranking. This will drive more traffic to the chamber website and make it an even more valuable community resource. The community will begin to go to the chamber website for its first source of local information.

You can create a web page that provides detailed information about the event, and set up a form that makes it easy for people to register or purchase tickets online. You can then send out invitation emails to the event. This process streamlines and automates the entire process, enabling you to create, promote, and collect registration information for events all in one place.


Enter events, luncheons, workshops, banquets and more!
  • Members and non-members can purchase the event online; their card is debited automatically
  • Visitors can download the event into their own Google or Outlook calendar
  • Purchase confirmations are sent to you automatically by email
  • System keeps track of “limited seating events”
  • System provides reports on event participation
  • You can send specific email notices to participants of that event
  • Purchases can be exported into various accounting softwares

    Details for event; dates, times, reoccuring, description, cost, etc...

    SEO (search engine optimization) each event. Custom keywords so visitors can find information for the event on search engines just by typing in keywords.
    List of events online with calendar inset.
    Detailed event page online.

Local Chamber News & Community Press Releases

Create news articles and press releases about your chamber and/or the local community. Visitors can click on links to see more information on each news article. News pages rank well in search engines because of the keywords coded into the web page. This will drive more traffic to the chamber website and make it a valuable community resource. News pages are completely customizable with pictures and links.

News and press release online admin.
News and press releases front end

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