Texas Best Chambers provides a custom design for your Chamber with all the tools you need to build and manage a content-rich, fully interactive chamber website.

Membership Features

Valuable Customized Chamber Member Pages / Member Logins

Custom member pages are automatically generated from the membership directory. Staff can choose to manage member pages or have members have their own logins and the member will customize their own page. This keeps profiles up to date and gives you a better understanding of your membership base, so that you can offer enhanced member services to unique member preferences. Each member page can contain logos, pictures, and links and customized SEO. Member pages have their own custom search engine optimization with their very own keywords for the products and services they offer, just like their own company website, for optimal ranking in search engine results. Members without a website can now get presence online with a chamber member page and those members who have websites will improve their company’s website ranking with more web presence online with their member page.

Online Admin for staff to edit chamber member settings - business type.

Online Admin for staff to edit chamber member settings - catgories.

Your chamber has three options for this function: you can choose to offer this service to the members and staff can take care of all the edits on member pages, have Texas Best Chambers take care of these updates or choose the additional programming function for each member to have a login and make their own edits.

Membership Directory – Search Function

Chamber staff can log onto the site and update member profiles linked to their accounts. When entering member information, staff can assign one more categories to each member in the membership database. Visitors can easily search the entire member directory through an interactive database online with an effective search tool by business category, company and/or owner names.

Membership directory search function.


Member directory list with company logos and links to member pages.

Secure Online Payment

Providing ecommerce capability for your visitors directly through your website is an ideal way to generate additional revenues. It adds functionality to your website by allowing visitors to process payments, such as first time members, membership renewals and purchasing tickets for fundraisers, luncheons, banquets and other events, as well purchasing banner advertisements and event sponsorships. We also offer visitors the flexibility to process payments manually, paying by cash, check, or a credit card without an online payment processor—while still allowing you to process and track the payment.

We can transform your website from a static brochure to a dynamic online storefront, where visitors and members can make purchases and have their credit cards billed automatically.

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New Members Can Join Online

  • Improves response time of members, as well as improving work efficiency for staff, and increases cash flow for your chamber
  • New member’s card is debited automatically
  • Member application goes into a pending status for review of the chamber staff; once the member is approved the staff can import the new member’s information into your chamber’s own in house database. No need for duplication with re-entering the same data. Big time saver for the chamber staff!

Current Members Can Renew Online

  • Improves response time of members, as well as improving work efficiency for staff and increases cash flow for your chamber
  • Members receive automatic email notices three weeks before their membership is due to expire. In this email they will have a link to click on, taking them directly to the renewal online form on your chamber site. The form that is generated is customized with all their current member information, where they can make any changes before they renew their chamber membership
  • Renewing member’s card is debited automatically
  • Email notice can be customized for each member by the chamber staff
  • All data and purchase (transaction) can be exported into your chamber’s accounting software

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Banner Ads

Chamber staff can add, maintain and organize banner ads on your website and obtain stat reports for your members. Banner ads are very effective marketing tools that enable members to advertise on your site. Especially when you can send a statistical report showing how many visitors are clicking on that banner ad to the Chamber member that is paying it! Visitors simply click on images on the banner ads to be redirected to the members’ website. The Chamber can also use banner ads to provide a graphic link to a specific area of its own website like a web page, news article, or event.

Banner ads can be a great source of new revenue streams when you charge members to display their ads on your site. You can track banner ad statistics, including how many times visitors click on a particular banner, enabling you to easily quantify the value of these advertisements to your members. The more visitors your site receives, the more valuable advertising on your Web pages will be. Chamber staff can easily upload images in the proper placement of the website and link them to the member’s company website. Members receive monthly reports of hits for banners they are using on the site.

Automated Emails for Renewals

  • Email is sent to member to automatically sign in and renew membership online
  • Chamber receives an email to review/approve member
  • New member data and purchase (transaction) can be exported into your chamber’s accounting software


Comprehensive Membership Reporting

Texas Best Chambers customizes your reporting. Chamber staff can view comprehensive reports on any chamber member. Reports can include (but not limited to) the member's status and involvement with the chamber; attendance at events, sponsorships, committees, etc... Everything you need to know at your finger tips. Big time saver to Chamber staff!


Board & Committee Member Pages

Give you Board & Committee Members the ability to create, edit and delete committees and their members, track attendance, add/edit content on their own page, upload files that are specific to the board and/or commitee. Making it easier to communicate and move forward on each group's goals.

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